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Update to Mixovnik coming

Tomek Sosnowski, the author of Mixovnik, has announced a new upconign version,  for those who mix live, with anti-pop solo/mute buttons.

Modded VCO by BBModules gets updated to 0.6

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Ambient session with VCV rack and other good stuff

A wonderful ambient track by Fingers in the Noise using VCV rack (alongside other nice stuff…)  

Tangled #1 by AC-Tone

Secret Piece by Modular Curiosity

Some melodies using XY Pads

Shapes? My ass!

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Talking Rackheads #4

Another impressive review/tutorial by Nigel Art Of Sound

VCV Rack and Ableton Live using the Bridge

Talking Rackheads #3

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New VCV Rack Album by Synthikat

Synthikat has just released a new album called “Ambient Works 2” which follows his first release. You can find it on bandcamp

Rack prehistory

VCV Rack complete manual (Italian only)