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Vult Ferox

Ferox by Vult is now available in the Premium and Compacts collections Ferox  video: Documentation: Knobs had a small update as well. A new Mix mode which makes …

AS new update 0.6.8

New teaser video of Freak by Vult

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Ambient session with VCV rack and other good stuff

A wonderful ambient track by Fingers in the Noise using VCV rack (alongside other nice stuff…)  

Tangled #1 by AC-Tone

Secret Piece by Modular Curiosity

Some melodies using XY Pads

Shapes? My ass!

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Improvised Patch tutorial using Dexter

    Omri Cohen is putting together some tutorial serie about Valley Dexter. In this “episode” he starts with  a sort-of-improvised patch using it.

Talking Rackheads #4

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Rack 0.6.1 Released

The New version of Rack (version 0.6.1) has been released. New toolbar, new gamepad support and some enhancements (keyboard MIDI support, JACK support on Linux, power meters, and Bridge VST/AU …

New VCV Rack Album by Synthikat