Meet the Devs: Bonjour Sebastien Bouffier AKA Bidoo

This is a serie of interviews to 3rd Party Rack developers.
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In this interview we talk with Sebastien Bouffier, the man behind Bidoo Modules.
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Hi, please introduce yourself briefly (your age, where you live, what you do in your “real life”)

I am 43 years old and I live in the south of France near Aix en Provence. I share my time between my family, my music band and my company. Our portfolio is quite diversified, we develop applications for transportation companies, law firms, a family office, a crystallography research laboratory… So, when working I switch between C# and accounting at home and being on the road chasing clients or providing courses on our solutions.  In terms of music, I am a guitarist since I was 14.


Do you have any formal training/education in IT/Programming Language or are you self-taught? What level best describe you (junior, senior, advanced) ? Do you do it for living or is it just passion/hobby?

Not really, I graduated from an engineering school focused on industry. I had some basic courses of C, html, networks but I really discovered IT/Programming during my national service, crazy, isn’t it? I started working for a bank in 1999 and made some Delphi for 6 years before switching to market risk analysis and operations management. In 2012 I left Paris to go back in the south and I founded my company with a friend of mine. Since then I code almost every day in C# and mostly MVC and blablabla. So, I code for a living and, since I know Rack, as a hobby. Age + Job = Am I senior?


What was the reason you started developing modules for VCV Rack? What interested you most?

I always wanted to put my hands on modular gear but until now I have built my home studio around my guitars, amps and some synths (virus C, good old Triton with MOSS card, MachineDrum …) using Reaper and Live for recording and mixing. When I heard about VCV I was so happy because Mutable instruments where there for free. So, at the beginning I was not thinking about making modules. Just using that great piece of software to make music. It allowed me to discover Befaco that I didn’t know. The first issue I had was regarding the sequencing, I did not manage to achieve what I wanted easily, maybe due to my poor knowledge of how to use other modules. But at that point I remembered a sequencer that seemed really cool to use, the Metropolis. I looked at the source of Rack and thought that I could give a try. So was born dTrOY. All the other modules a there for the same reason. When I am not able to achieve what I want with other modules … I build my own tools and share them with people.

Do you have any previous experience in developing music apps/plugins? If yes, please tell us about that

Aucune, I don’t, nada, Ich abe keine, no.

What are you working at the moment?

I am working on music 😊 As I told previously nothing is really planned. I take seriously into account the ideas of the community, for example “phdsg” asked me on github if it was possible to add some gate modes on dTrOY and I found the idea so great that I spent a couple of hours the same day to do it because I was so excited to try this feature. The last baby is a patchbay/mixer very compact regarding the number of IOs (16×8) because I was tired of chaining VCmixers and I needed to mix and patch easily with a recall feature. So, it depends on my VCV Rack patches 😊 I also think that I need to spend more time on other developer’s modules to understand their use and how they can help me to materialize what I have in mind. For example, I listened to great material of Martin Lueders and I have a lot to learn from people like him.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting read.

    Are the other modules shown in the header of this available? I only seem to have the dTroy module are they for the next dev version 0.5.0?

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