Plugins currently NOT in the Plugin Manager

As Rack 0.6 got released, some plugins were left out of the Plugin Manager, which now accepts only “commercial” (served from VCV Rack “Store”) or Open Source Plugins.

Here’s the list of the plugins currently not available in the Plugin Manager, which need to be downloaded separately and unzipped in the correct folder (/Documents/Rack for Win and Mac, Rack main folder on Linux)

If you know of some more, just add them in the comments and I’ll update the post. Thanks

Animated Circuits:


29 Comments on “Plugins currently NOT in the Plugin Manager”

    1. I believe Bidoo, Grayscale ARE already in the Plugin Manager
      Quelk and MSCHacks are still not available for 0.6 (at least last time I checked)
      I will check Apelzens!

      1. Thanks.
        Incidentally, could this become the forum that is so sadly lacking. Andrew obviously has his time cut out just dealing with the app and there may be more and more users that need information but would want to avoid FB.

          1. Well, maybe THEY should and YOU shouldn’t.
            Do the users know about it?
            A word with Nigel to make a mention on Talking Rackheads wouldn’t go amiss. It seems a shame to ditch it now that you’ve set it up.

  1. well, I have “advertised” more than once on VCV user Group on Facebook, still most of the people prefer Facebook… 🙂

  2. I seem to remember Andrew contacted Aepelzen, there was some discussion (apparently about copyright stuff in the design, or something like that) but eventually the Aepelzen guy said he was going to release a 0.6 version.

  3. Unless it’s costing a lot of overhead, I’d avoid removing the forum for a good while – these things can take serious amounts of time to stand a chance of getting momentum, and Rack is just at the start of its trajectory (hopefully!) so there’s plenty of time available.

    I joined FB just so I could participate in the user group, coming from a point of view of avoiding “you-are-the-product” sites since decades. To be fair, it’s not hard to limit my participation to the VCV group, but in terms of usability as a forum it’s pretty sucky – it’s so indeterministic you can’t guarantee seeing or finding posts and replies.

    But anyway, a well-organized forum with distinct areas of focus, etc. would be a great thing for the community, even alongside the FB group, IMO. I thinking as Rack’s userbase grows, it would be nice for them to have more places to grow into.. so I’d think long-term before axing it.

    Just my thoughts. And my god, isn’t it great to press the ENTER key and not worry about accidentally posting! ;-D

  4. I totally agree with the previous comment
    It has occurred to me that maybe there is less ‘footfall ‘ to the “Switchedonrack” forum & blog because users are mistakenly thinking that it’s a link to the sampler tracks only. And therefore when they see a reference to it whilst speed reading their way through the morass of FB postings they just skip it believing they have “been there, done that”.
    A concerted effort by those of us who want a more ordered reference is what is needed. Let’s attempt to draw attention to the possibilities especially given the recent amount of activity on FB referencing the ‘How do I …?’ aspect of the new user who needs an easily accessed and searched FAQ.

  5. might be a silly question but Autodafe just grabbed what i thought were latest 0.6 plugins from your site but Rack is still giving me an error message on startup (mac). tried to see version numbers on your site but could not find any. any help like maybe a direct link to your 0.6 plugins? thanks!

      1. Thanks for this! Your modules pack is installed and no more errors! However I am still a bit confused about how to get your drum kit modules and the new Red kit you have. I have used those up until this latest version of Rack. Are those not yet available for 0.6? Again thanks for your help with this!

  6. Just want to chime in here. The whole idea that VCV Rack happens exclusively on facebook is so dumb. Its like when you go to look up a business online and you find out that all they have is an instagram account.

    I used to check here all the time because it was too difficult/time consuming to try to figure out if there were new modules. But this site fell off months ago. I understand people get busy, but I don’t know of another site where you can check every few days for some news. If you are working on many other projects you just want to be able to use organized forums. Absolutely mind blowing that this has been going on — just dumb. But, then, VCV has this vibe like — “ooohhh we are so busy building we don’t have time to compile our work. Anyone who is grateful for all the free stuff should be able to compile it themselves.” Geez.

    For the record VCV Rack is just beautiful. I show my dad and he just shakes his head in disbelief.

  7. Hello Antonio,
    I confirm my pack i.e. bIdoo is still not available thru Rack so people have to dl them from my repository.
    I read that you were thinking about closing this forum because of the massive frequentation on FB.
    Please do not.

  8. Hey Is there a googledoc or someone collecting ALL available modules both free and commercial? I was just going through all my plugins and trying to find which ones I had and which to update..should I start one? if one doesn’t exist? I am not on facebook so if someone wants to crosspost I will also post to twitter ( @rickduff and im on instagram as @rickduffnw )

  9. I’ll third the point on “Facebook: Just Say No”…I don’t use it, and won’t. I would like to spend time working on _music_, not chasing every…single…crummy…post. In fact, I tend to avoid the ‘social’ media thing altogether; I’ve seen it suck too many peoples’ brains out of their heads.

    And as for the Github forum…mmm…kinda unusable. It’s definitely a TL;DR zone when you’re looking for a specific answer, and god forbid you ask something that was ostensibly covered in some thread waaaaaaaaaaay down the list. Very much a ‘how dare you non-coding users (and _musicians_, horror of horrors!) ask us questions?’-sort of vibe pervades the place. Not good. Not very user-friendly, either.

    So, no…don’t shut this down. Maybe this could wind up being the USER forum in the end, as opposed to the development zone over on Github, because this seems more user-doable, and as a user over on GH, I definitely felt ‘done’…up to the point that I’ve honestly not bothered to move up to 0.6.x, in fact. Left a bad taste in my mouth, and I’ve had quite a bit of trouble recommending VCV to other musicians since that happened.

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