Replacing the code for DaviesSmallBlackKnob

Here’s a very quick fix to replace all occurrences of the “DaviesSmallBlackKnob” and “Davies1900hSmallBlackSnapKnob” knobs that were removed today from the newest sources. A quick workaround ro replace all knobs in a couple of minutes and get your modules work again!

Again, sed is your friend (Linux and Mac)

cd $HOME/src/Rack/plugins/Autodafe

cd src

sed -i — ’s/Davies1900hSmallBlackKnob/RoundBlackKnob/g’ *.cpp

sed -i — ’s/Davies1900hSmallBlackSnapKnob/RoundSmallBlackKnob/g’ *.cpp

cd ../


As always, pay attention to the apostrophes if copying/pasting from here. (thanks Dave Phillips for showing me the “RoundSmallBlackKnob”..I didn’t even see it 🙂 )


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