VCV Rack Workshop @SAE Italy, November 8th

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the SAE Workshop here in Milan, the city I live in, it was a perfect time just after my “everyday” job so I couldn’t miss it (I’m a SQL Server Trainer/Developer/Admin, just in case you are wondering)

The host of the Workshop was Giorgio Sancristoforo who is one of the teachers at SAE.

The audience was mostly at a basic level (he asked “who owns a modular”? And nobody raised their hands…), so he went on explaining the basic connection: VCOs, ADSR, filters and so on.

Giorgio spent some time, after the main connections were gone, to explore the differences between filters, particularly the Vult modules, which are always nice to hear!

I enjoyed when he showed signals using both the Scope from Fundamentals  and Speck, the spectrum analyzer from LOGInstruments. Fun to see the correlation between Waveforms in time and frequency domain.

A very nice evening, plus I was also invited to showcase my new modules and some new features of Rack v.0.50 at the end of the workshop. What an honour!!

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