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MSM forthcoming oscillator

Thanks to Omri Cohen for this video

Update for Lindenberg Research modules

Tips on using Aepelzens Burts module

TWLV Demo by Adi Quinn

Introducing VULT Incubus

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Ambient session with VCV rack and other good stuff

A wonderful ambient track by Fingers in the Noise using VCV rack (alongside other nice stuff…)  

Tangled #1 by AC-Tone

Secret Piece by Modular Curiosity

Some melodies using XY Pads

Shapes? My ass!

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Improvised Patch tutorial using Dexter

    Omri Cohen is putting together some tutorial serie about Valley Dexter. In this “episode” he starts with  a sort-of-improvised patch using it.

Talking Rackheads #4

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VCV Releases Scalar

Scalar is a quantizer with up to four IN 1V/oct pitch signals (suitable for polyphony) and sends the signal to the QN quantized outputs. Each input is normalized to the previous one, so for …

An interview with Andrew Belt

TWLV Demo by Adi Quinn