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At the moment this blog is mantained only by me, Antonio Grazioli aka Autodafe – www.autodafe.net

I fell in love with VCVRack since it came out, I soon started studying and learnt a lot from its Open Source code, and released some Free Modules for VCV Rack.

I am looking for contributors, if you like the idea, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of all pages.

4 Comments on “About us”

  1. Hi
    Link for binaries Strum’s Mental VCV Modules doesn’t work … error 404 …
    Are Strum modules also available for Mac platform ?


  2. FYI, gang…the review of VCV Rack 0.5 was in the latest TapeOp. They apparently dig the hell out of it! Don’t see the review on TapeOp’s public site as of yet (it’s in Issue 122) but it made it into the print version so I would imagine the review will be online once they go on to issue 123.

  3. Hi, really like your page, especially the photoshoped cover of Switched On Bach 😀
    What about adding news about my modules to your side? (Lindenberg Research)
    That would be very nice and currently a lot of people using it.


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