New Feature: Zoom in VCV Rack

There’s a new feature today in the latest build from Sources of VCV Rack. Zoom has been implemented and it allows you to zoom between 30% and 200%. Nice to have for small screens (like the PC Laptop I am using in this moment) or bigger screen as well, or to concentrate on some part of the patch and zoom in.
Now wee see the usefullness of those SVG Background images 🙂

6 Comments on “New Feature: Zoom in VCV Rack”

    1. No, Wookie, at the moment it’s in the Sources on gitHub, it will be in Rack v0.5.0 coming 6-12 November (latest rumors…)

      1. Thank you Autodafe appreciate your feedback, look forward to the 0.5.0 release. I am having more fun with Rack than my Modular from Softube.

  1. This is super-super awesome, however it might be worth bumping up the max zoom to 300%, at 200% things are still a bit too small on a 15 inch 4K display…

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