New structure of CreateModel

CreateModel has just been updated, and the changes will make your plugins incompatbile wth the newest sources.

The “old” CreateModel was like this:

createModel(std::string manufacturerSlug, std::string manufacturerName, std::string slug, std::string name)

the new version adds tags form modules, like this:

createModel(std::string manufacturer, std::string slug, std::string name, Tags… tags)


You will need to modify your main .cpp file. As an Example, taken from my modules:

p->addModel(createModel<DrumsMixerWidget>(“Autodafe – Drum Kit”, “Drums – 8-Channel Mixer”, “Drums – 8-Channel Mixer”, MIXER_TAG, DRUM_TAG));

Each module can have one or more tags, or none if you don’t want to tag it.
A list of tags is in /incude/plugin.hpp, see it here:

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