Tutorial: VCV Rack 0.60 + Logic using “The Bridge”

I crated a quick tutorial on how to setup VCV Rack (version 0.6, coming out in a few days) and Logic on Mac

VCV Rack settings

  • First You need to add a MIDI Interface Module in VCV Rack, and set it to IAC Bus 1, Channel 1 ( or any other available MIDI port and channel).
  • Similarly, you need to add an Audio Out, and set it to “Bridge“, Port 1 (or, again any other port)This way all the audio will be routed to the Bridge Plugin on Port 1.
  • Create any Patch, in my video tutorial I simply created a VCO-ADSR-VCA super-easy patch, this is just for demo purposes.


Logic Settings

  • Create an Audio Track, and enable the VCV Bridge Plugin on it. Set the Bridge plugin to Port 1 (or to the same port you choose in VCV Rack).
  • Add any other effect on that track (in my video I have put a simple Stereo Delay on it, so anything coming from VCV Rack will have this delay on it). Compressor, Distortion, you name it…
  • Add a MIDI track to play some notes into VCV Rack , and set it to send MIDI to  IAC Bus 1.
  • Crate a MIDI sequence on the MIDI track, to play notes in VCV Rack.
  • Add any other Audio or MIDI tracks in Logic. In my video I added a Drum part played by Logic Drummer.

Press Play and hopefully Logic will send out MIDI info to VCV rack, and it will capture the Audio from VCV Rack on the Audio track where you enabled the Bridge.



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